How does Twenga work?

Merchants referenced on Twenga

Twenga is a price comparison platform which provides offers from merchant partners, referenced for a fee. Offers from merchant partners bear the distinction "advertisement".

Displayed information is provided by our merchant partners.

Presentation of your search results

We regularly reference new offers to provide you the maximum choice; nevertheless the displayed results do not represent the totality of available offers on the market.

By default, Twenga displays offers by order of relevance. The sorting by relevance combines multiple factors which allows displaying at the top of the page the product search results that pertain the best to that which you are searching for. The factors used are the semantic proximity between your search terms and the title of offers, their category, their brand as well as their reseller. The quality of the provided information by our partners also influences the ranking of offers. Products that have a high quality photo will be placed higher in the ranking. Offers from paying merchant partners can also benefit from a priority display.

ou also have the possibility to sort the results by total price including VAT from least expensive to most expensive or from most expensive to least expensive.

Displayed price

Twenga provides for every product offer the price including VAT, the delivery price and the total price. The displayed prices are those provided by our merchant partners.

Nevertheless, think about verifying the guarantees and business conditions on the merchant sites before finalizing your order.

Price updates

Product prices are updated at least once a day, every day of the week.