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Work apparel

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  • Helly Hansen
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Work apparel

For a great many of us, our place of work requires us to wear certain items of clothing, shoes or accessories – whether that’s as part of a uniform to identify you as a staff member, or for practical or safety purposes. Available from brands such as DeWalt, 3M and Carhartt, there is a vast range of apparel on the market.
Check the requirements of your employer – does your clothing have to be a certain colour or do you need particular accessories? If you work in a potentially dangerous environment such as a building site, check what accessories you need in order to protect yourself and also to comply with your company’s health and safety regulations. There’s no need for work garments to be dull and boring, though – for example, for female medical professionals, you could choose scrubs in a pretty shade of lilac or pink to brighten up your (and your patients’) day!

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