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  • Roederer
  • Dom Pérignon
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To accompany a meal or relax with friends, wine is one of the great pleasures in life. Countries around the world produce their own variations and styles, and whether you prefer red, white or rose, there is a bottle to suit you. Wine can be purchased in various sizes, from standard bottles to larger magnums and jeroboams. Suppliers range from household names like Amazon and John Lewis to specialised wine retailers like 31 Dover and Vintage Roots.

Some of the finest wines come from France’s vineyards, including champagnes from great houses like Moet & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot, and fine burgundies and classic whites like Chateauneuf-du-Pape and Chablis. Many other European countries produce famous wines, with Chianti from Italy, Rioja from Spain and Riesling from Germany. Wines from other continents have also become very successful, with Australian and New Zealand wineries producing sought after vintages, and producers in Argentina, Chile and California also achieving great results.

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