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Toy characters and playsets

Top Toy characters and playsets Brands

  • Fisher Price
  • Disney
  • Playmobil
  • Tiny Love
  • VTech
  • Hasbro
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Toy characters and playsets

Playsets are themed collections of similar toys that are designed to work alongside each other to enact some action or event. Present in most playsets are characters with the same theme, and aside from the characters and figures, other add-on’s can be used to accessorise the playset such as clothing for the characters, vehicles, buildings or scenery. For example, the very popular and well known Polly Pocket can be found at the beach. Other well knows characters are action men and their clothes can be removed and changed although they tend to hold a certain theme. Characters and playsets are great for a child and their imagination; they can happily spend hours immersed in their own world with the help of a playset or if they have a friend playing alongside them, who knows what sort of worlds their minds will begin to enter into. However parents know that these characters, their playsets and all the extras can all add up, so for the lowest possible prices, let Twenga search the net to help you save your pennies and your child get the most of their childhood, as we know how quickly they grow up.

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