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Table tennis

Top Table tennis Brands

  • Adidas
  • Joola
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Table tennis

Table tennis is a sport that involves either 2 or 4 players who hit a light, hollow ball back and forth to each other on hard table using table tennis bats or racquets. The table is divided by a net and, except for the first serve, players must let the ball that is played to them bounce on their side just once and then return it so it bounces on the other side in the same way. Players gain points when the other player fails to return the ball within the rules. Table tennis is an incredibly fast paced sport which requires and develops hand-eye coordination skills, arm strength, quick reactions, accuracy and wrist strength as well as, to a certain extent, good fitness. Table tennis is a popular summer sport for amateurs. Many families keep outdoor table tennis tables in the garden for the summer months to entertain the kids and you can even just entertain yourself by raising one side of the table to an upright position and practicing against it as you would playing tennis against a wall. Whether you dust off the net once a year for a family tournament or are looking to play in the Olympics, you can find all the equipment to set you up for a good game at the lowest prices available on the net with a Twenga search.

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  • Table tennis tableTable tennis table
    • Blue
    • Aluminium
    • Indoor / Outdoor:
      • Indoor
      • Outdoor
    • Butterfly Junior
  • Table tennis ballsTable tennis balls
    • Orange
    • Joola
  • Table tennis batTable tennis bat
    • Adidas
  • Mini table tennis tableMini table tennis table
    • Table tennis netTable tennis net