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Top Swimming Brands

  • Speedo
  • Aqua Sphere
  • Puma
  • Vans
  • Havaïanas
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Swimming is an activity that can be both useful and recreational so it is advised that parents bring their children to swimming lessons from a young age because not only are they getting into a routine of exercising, but it is also an important thing to be able to do in case of any accidents involving water. Swimming is classified as the movement through water using ones limbs and without the use of artificial apparatus. At the beginning of lessons, a child will always use one or more of the following; arm bands, a ring or a float however as they progress in the pool, there is no longer a need for these aid items. There are many different strokes or styles of swimming but the most common among these are the breaststroke, the side stroke, the front crawl and the doggie paddle. Some swimmers prefer swimming styles that keeps their head out of the water.

In general, both arms and legs move when swimming but it is possible to swim with just the arms or just the legs and such strokes are usually used for training or exercise or by amputees and paralytics. For swimming there are a number of different items that are essential or recommended such as a bathing suit or shorts, goggles and a hat and then there are various other items that help people such as a nose clip, flippers or ear plugs. For the lowest prices in all swimming equipment, Twenga can search the net for you.

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  • Swimming capSwimming cap
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      • Speedo
      • Zoggs
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  • Pool shoesPool shoes
  • Swimming nose clipsSwimming nose clips
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      • Speedo Competition Nose Clip
      • Zoggs Nose Clip
  • Performance SwimwearPerformance Swimwear
  • Swimming equipmentSwimming equipment
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