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Strength training

Top Strength training Brands

  • Adidas
  • V-Fit
  • Kettler
  • Everlast
  • Reebok
  • Nike
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Strength training

Strength training is the use of resistance against muscular contraction that will build the strength and size of muscles as well as improve their endurance. The main method of strength training, which can provide benefits and improvement to health and well-being, is the use of gravity to oppose muscle contraction. Strength training can not only improve bone, muscle ligament and tendon strength but reduces the chance of injury and improves cholesterol. There are a number of different exercises and machines and equipment used for strength training that can target certain muscle groups if need be. Bodybuilding and weightlifting are different from strength training in that they are sports and strength training is quite simply various forms of exercise. Sports such as rugby, basketball and football use strength training as part of their training regime. Certain machines and equipment are available for strength training such as a multi gym, an abs machine and a squat rack. Weight training is a popular aspect of strength training which quite simply increases the strength and size of muscles. The most popular method of weight training is the use of dumbbells. However, buying this equipment can be expensive, so let Twenga search the web to find you the lowest prices available for your strength training.

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