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Squash, padel and Racquetball

Top Squash, padel and Racquetball Brands

  • Hi-Tec
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Squash, padel and Racquetball

Two of the most popular racquet sports are squash and racquetball. Squash is played by two people inside a walled court. The players hit a small rubber ball against the wall and players rally, trying to keep the ball in the court boundaries, and score in order to win the serve. In racquetball there is no ‘out’ zone and the floor and ceiling are both legal playing surfaces. Both of these sports require racquets, as you may have guessed, along with small rubber balls, as well as trainers with excellent grip. Due to the fast pace of the game and the nature of the flooring of most of these indoor courts, strong grip is a necessity to prevent injury to ankles and knees. These are also both cardio intensive sports. The ball travels very fast and the players must be very alert to follow play. It is very hard on the cardio system but really does give the body a good workout. These sports are an excellent way to stay in shape. For the best prices in all your squash and racquetball needs, let Twenga search the net for you and find the prices that will help save you money.

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