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Top Rugby Brands

  • Adidas
  • Kooga
  • Canterbury
  • Mizuno
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Rugby is one of the great British sports and has become very popular over the years. As well as the full version of the sport, there are also forms such as touch rugby and tag rugby. These are played mostly for fun within a rugby club where everyone can get involved including parents and the younger children. For a serious game of rugby, there are risks involved. The players are usually largely built, muscular men that are extremely fit and strong. Profressional rugby players train usually only have 2 rest days in a week. They will do fitness exercise as well as working on their muscles and weight – they need to be in top physical shape. As there is a lot of risk involved with rugby, apart from being physically ready, equipment is also important. All rugby players must wear a gum shield to protect their teeth and some alsowear a rugby helmet to protect them from concussion. There is also the basic gear like the shirt, shorts, socks and rugby boots. However all of these necessities can add up so to get the lowest possible prices for all your needs, let Twenga search the net for you.

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