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  • Ferplast
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We wouldn’t be lying if we said that rats and rodents are not the most glamorous pets,. Rats have suffered rather a sore reputation since their links to the plague of 1665, an image not helped by the numerous portrayals of rats as 'baddies' in children’s TV and film. Rats are generally considered to be unhygienic animals and many wonder why people would want them as a pet, although there are many that argue that rats are intelligent clean pets. More popular rodent pets are hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs, these are typical pets for children as they are kept locked in a cage or rodent house (and occasionally exercised in a ball) and the upkeep is often deemed the right level of responsibility for children of around seven or eight years old. There is little more to do than keep the water bottle topped up and ensure your animal has enough rodent food. Some people go one step further and that believe rodents should be brushed and shampooed but we’ll leave that up to you. What we can help you with is keeping your expenditure down, Twenga searches the internet for all the best rodent related deals to help you enjoy your pet and not worry about the breaking the bank.

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