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  • Exo Terra
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Are you one of those people who has always been intrigued by reptiles and would even go as far as getting one as a pet? For those of you who don’t know, reptiles are animals that are characterized by breathing air, having skin covered in scales and laying shelled eggs, except for some snakes. Reptiles are known to have a cold blooded metabolism and are tetrapods, which mean that they either have 4 limbs or they have descended from 4 limbed ancestors. For those of you who have a reptile, it is extremely important that it, or they, get the care they need. Apart from food, it is important that they in a tank which ressembles their natural habitat and that the heat, lighting etc is moderated to meet their needs. It is vital that research is done for those who own a reptile as they can change their behavior for the worst if they are not properly cared for. So for all your reptile needs, it’s possible to get them for the lowest possible prices; simply let Twenga search the net for what you need and you will immediately save those pennies.

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    • Exo Terra
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    • Snake
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