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Nautical equipment

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  • Lowrance
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Nautical equipment

Being out at sea, whether it’s for a day of fishing or sailing for pleasure, can be dangerous so it is extremely important that you take all the precautionary measures, know about safety and know what to do in certain circumstances in case anything happens. You must have all the necessary and recommended equipment on board in the case of an emergency. Safety should always come first and that involves being weather wise. Check the weather before you depart and if it is a family or planned trip, there is no harm in cancelling it if the weather is forecasted to be wet and windy. There are certain things that you must know before taking any boat out to sea and if you don’t know them, how can you trust that you will know what to do if anything does happen out there? Even the slightest bit of stormy weather can cause problems to fishermen, sailors and captains and cause them difficulty. It is no use having the necessary equipment on board unless you know how to use it and if you are going on a family trip, brief everyone including your children on how to use a life ring and other safety equipment. Always have a radio to keep in contact with the main land and always obey traffic rules. If you need any more safety equipment, let Twenga do a search of the internet to find you the best online prices and then redirect you to the site.

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