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Measuring apparatus

Top Measuring apparatus Brands

  • Omron
  • Beurer
  • Philips
  • Medisana
  • Nokia
  • Brabantia
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Measuring apparatus

Measuring apparatus covers a wide range of objects, many of which are absolutely essential in our day-to-day lives. For example, many people find it important to monitor their body weight as part of a healthy eating plan, so a pair of bathroom scales is essential for this. A body composition analyser might also be useful for the same purpose. Similarly, there are a number of devices available to help people to monitor their health in their own home – such as blood pressure monitors and baby heart monitors. It’s often useful to have some of the basic devices in your home – we all hope that we’ll never need to use them, but a medical thermometer for example, could be very handy if you or your child are feeling unwell, allowing you to monitor the temperature as recovery progresses. A range of trusted brands sell measuring products such as Medisana, Panasonic and Beurer.

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  • Blood pressure monitorBlood pressure monitor
    • Brands:
      • Beurer
      • Omron
    • Oscillometric
    • Products:
      • Beurer BM 44
      • Omron M10-IT
      • Omron M3
  • Bathroom scalesBathroom scales
    • Brands:
      • Salter
      • Seca
      • Tanita
      • Weight Watchers
    • Type of scale:
      • Electronic
      • Mechanical
    • Measurement:
      • BMI
      • Body fat
  • Medical thermometerMedical thermometer
    • Products:
      • Brother Max 3-in-1 Thermometer
      • Philips AVENT SCH550
  • StethoscopeStethoscope
    • Nurse
  • Body composition analyserBody composition analyser
    • Column scaleColumn scale
      • ECG accessoriesECG accessories
        • ECGECG