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10 novelty USB keys you didn’t know you needed

You probably already have a USB key, but it just looks like every other one out there. Avoid getting yours lost in the crowd with our top 10 novelty options. You will be spoilt for choice!

1.Putting your finger on your USB should no longer be a problem

It is safe to say that this USB key is not for the faint hearted!

Finger USB

2.Carry your USB around like you are still stuck in the 60s

You will definitely feel groovy with this VW campervan USB drive!

VW campervan USB

3. Made with love

Use this mix tape USB to keep your USB drive safe or compile a list of your loved one’s favourite tunes.

Mix tape USB

4. Store your photos like in the good old days

Missing the excitement of not knowing what is on a roll of film? Almost get the same sensation back with these film roll USB drives.

Film roll USB

5. Never lose your USB key again

This pretty necklace design cleverly hides your USB drive.

Necklace USB

6.Shape Mr Twister into any position you like!

Perhaps one for the yoga lovers out there – you can bend Mr Twister into different positions, but it is still a USB drive!

Mr Twister

7. Scream for ice cream

Yum yum! Tempt your friends with one of these ice cream USB keys!

Ice cream USB

8. Go for novelty

Here’s hoping that the snail USB key will be faster than this little guy’s reputation!

Snail USB

9. Forget Gotham City, Batman is fighting the world of USB now…

…but with any luck there won’t be any crime to report on this cartoon USB.

Batman USB

10. Already thinking about Friday?

Get the weekend started early with this beer-inspired USB drive.

Heineken USB


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Article by Gemma Dearing, Content Analyst at Twenga

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