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Revealed: What men in Europe really wear down there!


Their own underwear is not really a topic men like to talk about – and definitely no popular gift for men – so we recently conducted a study to find out what men across Europe are wearing down there!

We analysed search traffic data over the past 2 years (2012-2013) to our men’s underwear section, only to have some very surprising results…

We looked at the following 10 different types of underwear:


What underwear are men wearing in the UK?

We were not that surprised to see that the Brits cover up when it comes to underwear for men. 78.2% of UK traffic is for boxers, briefs, tangas and boxer briefs and a further 7.8% goes towards long johns.

However a big surprise was the growing popularity of the men’s thong which accounted for 10% of traffic – really, the thong!? Yes!

And the remaining traffic (less than 4%) goes towards mini-briefs, open briefs, mini strings and c-strings.



So it looks like the men in Britain are fairly sensible in the underwear section, but what about our European friends?


Who’s wearing what in other countries?

Alongside the UK search traffic data, we also looked at traffic trends from seven other European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Poland and the Netherlands) to find the following – very interesting – results:


Just look at how the majority of countries love boxers! Spain and Italy, however, appear to spice things up with the tanga and brief respectively.

However, the coldest countries have the biggest preference for the longest pant on our list. Poland, the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands are the places where long johns are the most popular in Europe!

Now the bit you have been waiting for, who bares all? The thong ranks in the top three for all countries except… the United Kingdom and Spain. No real surprise there, as the Brits have a slight reputation for being prude but we surely expected a more daring approach to underwear from Spanish men!

When we looked at the traffic for thongs for all countries combined, it appears that there was 6% more traffic for thongs in 2013 when compared with 2012. This means that thongs are generally becoming a more popular form of underwear throughout Europe – bare bottoms all around!


Where are men wearing ‘risqué’ underwear?

We are considering ‘sexy’ underwear as garments that do not cover the buttocks; that being the thong, open briefs, mini-string and c-string (whether you find them sexy or not is completely up to you!).

Although it is a tad chilly in Poland and the Netherlands, it is not stopping them from getting their bums out! Yep that’s it; these two countries top the table. The UK, however, sits close to the bottom (no pun intended), making it one of the least ‘sexy’ countries when it comes to underwear:


Traffic for ‘risque’ underwear (Thong, Open brief, Mini string, C-String)


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