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Loomey Time: Watches for Rainbow Loom bracelets


One of the latest Rainbow Loom trends

We have previously written about Rainbow Loom, one of the latest crazes for kids, but things are going up a level with watches made from these funny little elastics. Loomey Time will undoubtedly be on several Christmas lists this year! rainbow-loom-loomey-time-watch

Customise your Loomey Time watch as often as you like!

These elastic watches are available in several colours, which can be matched with your favourite elastic bands to make hundreds of combinations! The best bit is that you can change your rubber bands as often you like for other styles such as fishtail, triple single or the railroad. With so many options you will always be on trend! rainbow-loom-watch

How do you make Rainbow Loom watches?

If you are tempted to have a go at making your own Loomey Time watch with Rainbow Loom rubber bands, this short video explains all. Just so you know, the real tutorial starts around 1:50 and attaching the watch starts at 3:40.

Good luck and have fun!

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