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How to choose the best Halloween decorations for your home

Make sure this Halloween season you indulge in all the Halloween festivities. The 31st October is the perfect opportunity to let your inner child out and stay up well past the witching hour. Halloween is not only a fun holiday, but a holiday with rich history. Regardless of where you are geographically, don’t let that keep you from getting in the Halloween spirit!

The perfect way to get the most out of this coming Halloween is by sprucing your home up with great Halloween decorations. Nothing does it better than making your home the main attraction of the neighborhood. It’s important to embrace this holiday by making sure your home has the authentic Halloween feel. This Halloween make sure to impress your company with whimsical decorations that bring out their mischievous side.



How do you create the atmosphere?

It’s all about colour! The traditional Halloween colours are black and orange and they’re perfect for this time of year. These shades also conveniently reflect autumn, so if you’re a bit lazy and like to leave your holiday decorations up well past the holiday, your decorations can serve as adequate décor until December without judgment.


Set the tone for Halloween and add some mystery to your home by illuminating it with a wide variety of candles. Candles and candle holders come in all kinds of fun shapes, sizes and colours. This allows you some creative freedom when decorating. Dress up tea lights with creative candle holders!

Another way to add a little touch to simple tea lights is with Halloween Candle Lanterns. These strongly resemble orange bags and usually have a simple design on the front. Designs include: pumpkins, cats and witches.

Carving the Jack-o’- Lantern is a wonderful family activity, but it can be messy and a bit of a hassle. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, cut out the middle man (not literally) and purchase Pumpkin Candles. These come well equipped with tea lights and already carved pumpkin faces.

Some other great candle ideas are Candle Cauldrons, Ghost Candles, Halloween Candelabras and Bone Candles.


Normally skeleton bones are quite morbid, but during Halloween they serve as something quite amusing. Whether you choose to simulate a creepy graveyard or just hang simple skeletons on the walls of your home, skeleton decoration possibilities are endless. Before your guests get to your door surprise them with Halloween skeleton bones. This simple fun will give them a bit of a fright!

You don’t have to have a life size skeleton for decoration. You can keep it simple with skeleton footprints. Place these around the house so it looks like you have a guest from beyond the grave amongst you.

Spider Webs

What is a Halloween without these? Not a very good one. Decorate your home with spider webs and if you’re squeamish at the thought, opt for spider webs that are less realistic and colourful.

Candy Bowls

Whether you fill these up with treats for a house party or use them to carry candy for trick or treaters, stock up on snacks and put them in a Halloween themed bowl. You can choose from assorted candy bowls, skull candy bowls, and pumpkin candy bowl or even star war themed candy bowls.

Halloween Fancy Dress

Halloween costumes can run on the expensive side especially if you’re looking to impress. Why not make a great Halloween costume from home? This is the perfect way to stay in your budget and get exactly what you want if not more from household items.

5 Top tips from Twenga

1. If you don’t have any major attachment to your bedding, you have a wide selection of Halloween characters to dress as. Use your sheets to transform yourself into the classic ghost, angel or Roman.

2. The Mummy is another Halloween favourite. You can use anything from toilet paper, paper towels to a white sweatshirt and sweatpants to achieve this look.

3. Smile like the Mona Lisa and carry around a picture frame around so you look like the famous framed portrait. If not the Mona Lisa, choose to channel another one of your favourite framed portraits.

4. Make-up is necessary with Halloween costumes. This turns your costume from good to great. Use red lipstick to resemble blood or to add more contrast to your ghoulish face.

5. If you have paint in your house, you can essentially make any clothing into a costume. You can draw bones on black clothing for a skeleton costume. You can also paint spots or stripes to clothing for a cat or dog costume. The possibilities are endless!

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be able to have the best Halloween yet without breaking the bank!

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