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Cute prints is the new trend!


Aimee from Clones N Clowns blog

Aimee lives in London and  shares her DIY tips, her fashion inspiration, her experiences in the kitchen and her adventures in the capital city on her blog  Clones N Clowns.

Ladies it is time to reveal the poet, the romantic damsel or maybe even the forgotten child asleep deep down inside of you. Cute prints are a huge trend for upcoming season so if you don’t like fruit, boats, stars and flowers, you’re out!

Prints come and go. Sometimes they’re psychedelic, sometimes they’re bold and sometimes they’re small and just too cute. As you might have guessed, the latter applies this Spring.  Mini-icons and endlessly repetitive prints are the way to go so don’t say I didn’t warn you when the only dresses you can find are covered in cupcakes. It’s indeed all about the cutsie-wootsie – kittens and ice-cream, doodles and donuts, you name it, if it’s a cliché full of cute, it’s on trend.




So how to wear the dreaded baby prints without looking like a princess gone wrong? Well, either you pull on your flat ballets, curl your hair and pucker up like Miss Swift, or your man up, pick out your oldest and most reliable leather jacket and buy the same chunky black ASH heels as I did yesterday – oops. Meaning you either go OTT or you clash with style. Either way, it’s about embracing these prints as a little bit of fun – we all know Spring has us in the best of moods so why not wear a smile and a pair of heart-stamped bloomers, hey?!


Cute prints come in all shapes and sizes but the biggest trends this season sees to be babydoll dresses and Peter Pan collar blouses. Pastels are of course a favourite for this type of clothing although navy anchors printed all over a pinny is a classic you’re bound to come across this Spring. Finally, brighter colours introduce the more exotic prints – watch out for pineapples on bright green or yellow, that’s something you’ll wish you hadn’t worn in a couple of years’ time, but make the most of it while you can!


Notice how I can’t wait for the Spring to be officially upon us – I’m wearing bright red apples on my skirt already!

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