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Get on the crop top trend!


Aimee from Clones N Clowns blog

Aimee lives in London and  shares her DIY tips, her fashion inspiration, her experiences in the kitchen and her adventures in the capital city on her blog  Clones N Clowns.

It’s seems we’re on season schedule my friends as the month of March has brought us our first few rays of sun this year. Of course I’m not suggesting we all strip off right here right now, but it’s definitely time to start thinking about it! But before you scuttle off to perfect your squat and work your bikini body, how about a quick look at one of the upcoming trends for Spring Summer 2014? I’m talking about the crop top!

Inherited from the 1980’s (or in other words your mum’s wardrobe), the crop top has been creeping back on us over the past year and whilst last summer it was still an option, this year I’m afraid it’s near to compulsory. But don’t worry, wearing a crop top doesn’t necessarily mean showing your tum to all who dare to look! Thankfully the high waist trend has come around at the ideal time (coincidence I think not) and so instead of going mad for skin it seems the fashion is more of a shift in proportions.



Long skirts

Ever wished you looked taller? This trend is for you. Wearing a short top with high jeans will elongate your legs, especially if you wear nude pumps or sandals on your feet. Remember that, it’s a trick that’s bound to come in handy. If you’re more into skirts, I beg you to avoid style disaster by steering well clear of the mini-skirt + crop top combo… That is a look your grandmother would not be proud of.  Instead, why not bring back the ankle length skirt instead? A loose fit crop top paired with a floating skirt is a beautiful bohemian look perfect for the sunny season. In a different style, make the most of the dungarees trend and pair your braces with a cut-off tee, its cut and keep your tummy tucked in whilst showing off some side.


Finally, remember the naughties crop is oversized and maybe even slightly lower at the back than at the front. Tight tops are a thing of the past unless you’re under the age of 15. The perfect way to DIY a modern crop is to chop off a guys tee!


If you’re inspired to give this style a go, check out Aimee’s ‘Crop Top‘ list on Showcase!

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