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Finding the right bra for you

Bras have a direct influence on the shape of your figure. As one of the most important items in a woman’s underwear drawer, bras can act as a fashion accessory as well as supporting your breasts. Here are a few tips that will help you to understand the world of bras and make the most of your bust.


Find your bra size

Finding your bra size is much simpler than it may seem. Get a flexible tape measure and follow the instructions below.

1. To find your chest size, measure around your back by putting the measuring tape just below your bust. Make sure that you don’t take measurements that are too loose or too tight.

You will than have a number (in inches) that corresponds to a number such as 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 etc. which you can also find on bra labels.

2. To find your cup size, measure your breasts at the same level as your nipples. Hold the measuring tape tight, but not so much that you are squashing your breasts.
Now use the following equation: chest size – cup size (the first measurement – the second measurement). Use your end number to find your cup size in the table below:

bra measurement chart

Choose the shape of your bra

These days lingerie manufacturers use plenty of imagination to create pretty and comfortable bras. Let’s have a look at the bras available for each body type.

Bras for smaller busts

Unpadded bras: often in the shape of a triangle, this is the favourite shape for teenagers.

unpadded bra

Push-up or plunge bras: these lift up your bust and increase your volume using integrated pads.

push up bra

T-shirt bra: shapes the bust and offers relatively sexy cleavage. It is a great half-way point between classic and sensual styles.

t shirt bra

Bras for medium-sized busts

Balcony or half-cup bras: enhances your cleavage and is particularly good for round busts. They are ideal as evening or day-time bras, with Simone Perele being a particularly popular brand (models available from £30).

balcony bra

Wired bras: these are the most classic styles because they are suitable for all types of bust. The most famous model has to be the perfectly shaped Cross your Heart by Playtex, available from £15.

wired bra

Bras for larger busts:

Bras with extra support: have wiring that is specially adapted for supporting even the heaviest of breasts.

bras with extra support

Minimising bras: minimise the volume of larger busts and distribute weight. Good quality models such as Triumph Shape will cost you as little as £25.

minimising bra

Alternative bras:

Sport (or t-back) bras: use a system of straps crossing your back to release your shoulder blades. They are ideal for sports.

sports bra

Strapless bras: as they don’t have any straps, strapless bra are ideal if you are wearing a backless garment.


strapless bra


Molded bra: the cups do not have any stitching and are invisible under tight-fitting clothing.

molded bra

Nursing bra: the movable cups mean that breast feeding is much easier for mothers.

nursing bra

Ultra-sexy bras: many bras have been made for times when looking sexy matters. Some of the most popular examples are basques or shelf bras.

ultra sexy bras

Understanding the details

bra details

Your bra’s material:

Now that you know which shape to choose, it is time to consider some of the different materials available. For a glamorous look, go for lace or satin: the Chantelle brand has a wide range of chic and sexy models available from £10 to £90. For a night of passion, go for embroidered bras or a see through mesh material to give off that suggestive look.

Don’t hesitate to mix materials for everyday bras. A lace bra with a cotton under layer and cute satin bows is a modern and feminine option at the same time. If you plan on doing sport, make sure that you are wearing cotton, which is better adapted to sweat.

Colours and patterns:

Red or black lace is often a popular choice for sexy lingerie, while white is traditionally used for a chic, modern look. Beforehand printed bras were only popular with young girls, however brands such as Gossard are now offering a whole range of brightly coloured and patterned options. Another popular style is uni-tone bras in bright colours such as blue, purple, pink etc.

Putting your bra on:

Make sure that your arms through the armholes first. Only after this you can attach the hooks or clasps at the back. If you choose to hook your bra at the front first then turn it around, you will be bending the wiring every time you turn it the right way around.

The clasp:

Generally bras have 3 sets of hooks so that you can change your bra’s fit in accordance with any weight gain or weight loss. This is why it is important to have your bra on the middle clasp when you first buy it. However if you are wearing a microfiber bra, make sure to use the first hook because this material stretches throughout the day.

Adjusting your bra straps:

Bra straps are there to keep your breasts at the right height. If you put them too tight, you might mark your skin. Having the right tension does not mean that the back of your bra goes up either.

The bra cup test:

If your bra cup is folding or creasing, it means that it is too big. On the other hand, if your bust slowly goes over the cup throughout the day, it means that it is too small. When the rib (the section between the breasts) digs in or no longer sits on your skin, you need to change your bra. Make sure to take your measurements again because you might have changed size.

Top 4 brands for bras :

1. Chantelle for their original designs

2. Playtex for their good-quality products

3. Lepel for their use of modern materials

4. Triumph for their timeless models

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