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Mattresses: Sleep like a baby with the right mattress

Health professionals advise that we get 8 hours of sleep per night, but in reality, we only dedicate 6 to 8 hours per night, which is the equivalent of one quarter/one third of our lives. These figures show just how important it is to have a good Mattress , especially since sleep is closely related to our mood and our social, personal and professional lives – a good quality mattress is necessary to optimise our sleep and make our days even brighter. Has the time come to change your mattress but you don’t know what to choose? Here are the answers to all of your questions.

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When should I change my mattress?

There are many different factors that might make you decide to change your mattress. In general, we start to consider it when our sleep gets disturbed. First of all, you should identify why you are having trouble sleeping. If your mattress is more than 8 years old, it is very possible that this is the problem. You should also look for other signs: if your mattress has sunk in the middle, if your feet are hanging over the end, if you have back ache when you wake up in the morning, if your partner does not stop moving throughout the night, if the mattress is too noisy, or if you can actually feel the springs…it is probably about time you change!

Should I buy a hard mattress or a soft mattress?

Who has never heard ‘this mattress is too hard’ or ‘this mattress is too soft’? Some people prefer soft mattresses while others sleep better on a hard mattress. As a general rule, how firm your mattress is should be proportional to your weight and your height. In other words, a tall and heavy person will probably go for a hard mattress (or even very firm). On the other hand, a small and light person might choose a softer mattress (or maybe even very squishy).

Of course, this is only a general rule which might help you to choose. This said, if you are tall and a hard mattress gives you a bad back, change it for a softer one! No one better than you knows which type of mattress you feel more comfortable on.

What type of mattress should I choose?

When it comes to choosing your mattress, you should pay particular attention to the suspension, thermal regulation and hygiene (aeration systems, treatments etc.).

While considering these factors, you will need to choose between the 3 main types of mattress available: Spring mattresses, foam mattresses and latex mattresses.

Spring mattresses

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Spring mattresses are filled with springs that support the surface of your body, offering a high level of comfort. The Simmons brand invented spring mattresses.

There are 3 different types of spring mattress:

– Double cone springs: support your body in a progressive way and prove to be a good option for heavier people.

– Multi-turn springs: offer a firm mattress, good aeration and excellent resistance.

– Pocket springs: work independently so the mattress adapts perfectly to your body and areas where you are placing more pressure. This is the bestselling technology when it comes to spring mattresses.

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The bestselling spring mattresses: Silentnight Miracoil (£150), Sealy Millionnaire (£260) and Sleepeezee Backcare Ultimate (£400).

Foam mattresses

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Foam mattresses are the cheapest on the market. Biotex is one of the specialists for foam mattresses. They are comfortable, but they do not offer as much support as a spring mattress. Their main disadvantage is that they wear quickly because they have a tendency to misshape. There are 3 main technologies for foam mattresses:

– Polyether foam: A basic product that has a very short life span

– Polyurethane foam: Firm in terms of comfort and has good ventilation. These are ideal for people with allergies.

– Memory foam: Highly advised for people that have back problems. It is a high-quality product, which allows you to influence your sleeping position and helps blood circulation.

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Bestsellers for foam mattresses: Breasley Postureform Deluxe (£170), Silentnight Mattress Now Memory 3 Zone (£150) and Harmony Serenity memory Pocket 1000 (£200)

Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are generally very comfortable, resistant and elastic. They were invented by the Dunlopillo brand. They are the best when it comes to hygiene because latex contains antibacterial and antiallergenic properties. This is why these mattresses are recommended for people with allergies. You should take note of the difference between natural latex (around 85% latex) and synthetic latex. The difference is mainly ecological but both have around the same level of comfort.

Bestselling latex mattresses: Sealy Jubilee Latex (£300), Luminous Double by Dunlopillo (£1100) and Silentnight Miracoil Munich (£300).

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How do you test a mattress once you are in the shop?
It is often better for your wallet to buy a mattress on the internet, but this does not stop you from trying them out in the shop first. Trying before you buy cheaper on the Internet is probably the cheapest option!

Don’t hesitate to lie down on the mattress as if you were at home and no one is watching you. Lie on your side, turn over as many times as necessary and lie in your regular sleeping positions. If you feel like you are sinking into the mattress, choose a harder one. When it comes to length, try to have at least 20cm of extra mattress beyond your feet.

Once you have found your desired mattress, you might need to find a bed base to go with it. If you decide to get a new bed base, there are 2 options to choose from:

–  A slatted bed base : firm, good aeration and compatible with any kind of mattress.

–  Spring bed base: high comfort level because of the springs and ideal for spring or latex mattresses.

How much does a new mattress cost?

Spring mattresses: between £150 and £850
Foam mattresses: between £100 and £1000
Latex mattresses: between £250 and £1000

Different brands and technology means that there can be large price differences for the same type of mattress.

Other recommended brands in addition to the ones previously listed include: Relyon, Airsprung, Rest Assured and Kozeesleep.

Now you have no reason not to get those necessary 8 hours of sleep per night. Choose a mattress that matches your needs and have sweet dreams!

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