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Kitchen knives guide: Sharpen your culinary skills

Cooking is IN right now. With the sheer quantity of cooking shows being aired on umpteen TV channels from Hell’s Kitchen to Masterchef, it’s hard to avoid the growing trend.  Let’s face it – we all want to be Domestic Gods or Goddesses like Nigella Lawson; but how to do this without wasting too much […]

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How to choose the best Halloween decorations for your home


Make sure this Halloween season you indulge in all the Halloween festivities. The 31st October is the perfect opportunity to let your inner child out and stay up well past the witching hour. Halloween is not only a fun holiday, but a holiday with rich history. Regardless of where you are geographically, don’t let that […]

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How to buy the perfect Christmas lights


Gosh! Is it that time of year already? Yes. Yes, it is. It’s already the season to be jolly. It’s hard to be jolly and in high spirits when you’re amongst a wild stampede of shoppers in the hunt for Christmas decorations. This can be annoying and could potentially lead to unnecessary stress and strain. […]

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Create wood, stone and brick effects with mural wallpapers!

Flicking through lifestyle magazines just makes you want to decorate! If you’re one to keep up with the latest trends, you must have noticed that bringing the outdoors to your interior is the new thing. Having natural stone walls or exposed beams is a luxury and not something everyone necessarily thought about when buying their […]

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Teddy bear lamp: brighten up your day!

Once upon a time there was a cute little teddy bear that had such a long and fruitful life with mini human that his head fell off. The child cried and cried until his favourite teddy bear turned into a magical lamp. Ok, this is not the real story, but our product of the day […]

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Quick! It’s Mother’s Day soon!

Mothering Sunday will take place on 30th March 2014, which means that you don’t have much time left to find the perfect gift. If like many others you are trying to think of something last minute, check out our Mother’s Day gift ideas: Sporty Mum She is likely to be seen going for a run […]

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Bowler hat wall lamp: decor for gents

Just imagine the amount of humour you could add to your generic portraits with this bowler hat wall lamp! Shaped like a gentleman’s bowler hat, it is made out of felt for an authentic look and feel. Its authenticity also extends to its size; the hat protrudes 25 cm from the wall and is 13 […]

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Get cracking crèpes in this perfect pancake pan

pancake pan

It’s one of our favourite times of year! Whether you refer to today as Shrove Tuesday or simply Pancake Day, many families will be attempting to flip this sweet treat this evening. Our product of the day aims to give you a perfect crepe every time. It is a cast iron pancake pan that retains […]

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Let’s focus on tea time

Camera lens mug

For some, afternoon tea is one of the most important times of the day. That perfectly made brew is just essential to give you the force to get through the end of a day’s work. Photographers will love our product of the day: a camera lens mug! It is complete with all of the fancy […]

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Is it a lamp? A book? A House? No, it’s all of them!

Book rest lamp

Our product of the day is this novelty book rest lamp. It lights up the room for your bedtime story and when you get too tired to read any more, simply put your book on the lamp so you don’t lose your page. The best bit? It ends up looking like an adorable little house. At […]

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