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The best of Rainbow Loom – original ideas

Rainbow Loom is a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, and it appears that these small elastic bands are not just used to make bracelets. Children and adults are getting creative making original Rainbow Loom creations every day.

Video tutorials are going viral and the number of #rainbowloom  tweets are increasing by the day. If you are inspired to get creative with your Rainbow Loom, here are a few of our favourite, original loom creations. It appears that anything is possible!

A Rainbow Loom dress is sold on Ebay

A dress made entirely from Rainbow Loom bands was recently sold on Ebay. The lady that made the dress only expected to make around £50 but was quite surprised to see bids increase to £170,000. If this does not motivate you to get creative, I don’t know what will!



A one-of-a-kind suit for a good cause

The popular comedian and presenter from ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ appeared wearing a suit and tie made from multi-coloured elastic bands. The outfit was then sold on Ebay, to Fen Chan, the creator of Rainbow Loom himself. The $40,000 raised was donated to MaxProject Love, a charity that helps families with children who have cancer.



Create your own minions

If you’re a fan of Despicable Me, you will love these Rainbow Loom minions!



Extra-flexible super heros!

Ah yes, even our favourite super heroes are joining in with the Rainbow Loom phenomenon. Spiderman, the Hulk and other comic heroes are becoming a source of inspiration for loomers. Good luck if you decide to create the complete connection from Marvel comics!



May the loom be with you

Star Wars characters are also making an appearance, including this excellent version of Darth Vador! Kate Shultz created this loom and has a range of tutorials on her Youtube channel so that you can have a go too!





Rainbow Loom soda

Take a look at these fantastic soda bottles made out of elastic bands. Are you more Coke or Pepsi?



Rainbow Loom sandals

Perfect for your next summer holiday !



Roar ! It’s a Rainbow Loom dragon

This fire-breathing dragon is impressive to say the least!



Super Mario has gone all elastic!

And here is the famous Nintendo plumber, made entirely from Rainbow Loom elastic bands.



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