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How to choose a pair of headphones


With so many options available, choosing the right headphones is a tricky business. Beyond variations in colour or general styling, the most obvious decision is between an over-the-ear and an in-ear style. It is a consideration that helps to sum up many of the other decisions that have to be made. Headphones or Earphones? One […]

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How to choose an LED TV


Today LCD televisions have replaced our good old cathode-ray tubes. If your old box television is past its better days or you have simply decided to upgrade to a new generation of television, you will need a TV that matches your needs and your budget. For many people it is difficult to decide which one […]

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How to Choose a Tablet PC

Never did we think that it would be possible to surf the internet and play our favourite games on public transport or even in a park. But Tablet PCs mean that we can now use most of a standard computer’s functionalities from the palm of our hands. Getting the correct tablet PC that can optimise […]

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Product of the day : A wireless speaker with style

A wireless speaker with lots of sound and plenty of style Compact, powerful and stylish, the Jawbone Jambox wireless speaker is for all of those music fans out there. It is available in several sizes, designs and colours – so it is up to you to find the one that matches your style and personality. […]

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Product of the day: 1950’s jukebox

Juke box

1950’s jukebox: antique on the outside, modern on the inside This 1950’s jukebox might look like it has stepped out of the past on the outside, but inside it holds a huge 80 CD mechanism and an optional iPod dock inside. Listen to music like the good old days!   Want to get your hands […]

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Battle of the headphones

       With the possibility to listen to music in the garden, in the air or even in the little boy’s/girl’s room, wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular. One of the best sellers right now is Beats by Dr. Dre Executive, which offers battery-powered noise cancellation and fold flat to make travelling even […]

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