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A new beauty trend : Au naturel makeup


Aimee from Clones N Clowns blog


Aimee lives in London and  shares her DIY tips, her fashion inspiration, her experiences in the kitchen and her adventures in the capital city on her blog  Clones N Clowns.

If you’re up to date on the catwalk talk you probably know the new beauty trend is nude. If you’re not aware of the latest decree, let me fill you in. After the definite rise of au naturel charm (light powders, neutral colours…), it seems the gods of all things good-looking have taken it a step further this season and are encouraging near-to-nothing makeup. There’s no doubt nature has been taking over the world for the last few years as organic products, natural care and essential perfection pop up all over the market, but going totally bare might be asking a little too much…

Natural makeup

Unless you’re comfortable with the no makeup look, you’ll probably be looking for a few cheat treats. Try looking for products inspired by our natural hair and skin tones, like the new natural products by Une Beauty.  For a day-to-day look, try wearing tinted moisturiser, a layer of skin-toned shadow, a swoosh of brown mascara, a swipe of rosy blusher and a lick of shiny chapstick. If you are ready to turn up to work with only your skin on your face, at least make sure it deserves your colleagues’ stare. Pamper up before you get naked, using trust-worthy, nourishing and hydrating products such as Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour creams or Clinique’s hydra serum and balms.

To make sure your skin is always at its best, even after the long winter months, use replenishing masks and find yourself a soothing cleanser to be used morning and night. Be sure to exfoliate on a regular basis as this will rid your face of those thousands of dead cells (glamourous, I know) ensuring you get the best from your beauty routine. Come on ladies, chin up and strip down!

au naturel makeup

Here is a peek at my most recent haul au naturel, a soft soothing toner, a nourishing lip balm and face creams I know I can trust to keep my skin nourished from dawn till dusk and back again.

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