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Adidas ZX Flux: put a bit of colour on your feet!

If Adidas ZX Flux shoes don’t look very familiar to you, it is probably because each model is so different that you don’t realise that all of these trainers belong to the same line. It is safe to say that there is a style for everyone’s taste: futuristic, eccentric or keeping it simple.

Created in the 80s, ZX have proven to be Adidas’ equivalent of the Nike Air Max. More recently, the brand has made the most of the ‘retro style’ comeback to give a bit of oomph to their older models. In particular, the return of bright prints! Which pair will you choose?

Adidas ZX Flux black for men


Adidas ZX Flux in neon blue


Adidas ZX Flux Weave in grey and white


Adidas ZX Flux Pixel


Adidas ZX Flux Ocean


Customised Adidas ZX Flux: flower print


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