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Action cameras: Capture your sporting adventures!

Action cameras are renowned for their ease of use and their unfailing resistance.

Speed, shock, water – nothing stops them…What’s more, they are lightweight and easily adaptable thanks to their various formats and prove to be practical and unobtrusive when you are in full action.  You can hang your camera just as easily from your helmet or surf board as from your bike handlebars or wrist.

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But how do you choose an action camera?

Twenga has come up with a short shopping guide to give you a helping hand when it comes to choosing the right camera for you. To make the best decision, three questions need to be considered:

1) What are you using it for?

From a general point of view, if you practice different types of sports, you should choose a classic action camera.  They are usually a rectangular shape and have a waterproof case to allow you to film in all conditions.  Available with a wide range of action camera mounts, they are also very versatile!

Fan of board sports or motorsports?

Since the action is so fast, you should pick a sports camera capable of filming during sharp and sudden motion while limiting the loss of image quality.  You should therefore choose an action camera which has the ability to record a huge number of frames each second.  Between 60 and 90 for the high-performance ones!

Fan of snow sports? Kill two birds with one stone by opting for a ski mask camera.  Eye-protection and video keepsake guaranteed!

Amateur diver and aquatic adventurer?

A waterproof camera will of course be essential!  To do this, you simply need to fit your action camera with a watertight casing.  Even simpler?  Opt for a camera which already has a good waterproof seal. The brand Toshiba, for example, offers the Camileo X-Sports, which is waterproof up to 60 metres deep.

For diving amateurs, the best option is to go for a diving mask with integrated camera!

Bad lighting?

If the lighting conditions are not at their best when you are filming, your action camera should have a wide angle lens (more than 130°).  It should also be able to capture as much light as possible for restoring a clean image with visible colours.  The GoPro HD Hero 3 is the ideal camera for these tough conditions!

Do you enjoy long films?

For long filming sequences in a car or on a motorbike, remember to check two things: that you have a memory card with a huge storage facility (especially if you’re filming in HD) and a battery with a long life.  Action cameras have on average a battery life of 90 minutes but certain offer up to 2 hours 30minutes, like the Drift HD Ghost camera.

Finally, note that compact cameras exist.  Lightweight and small, they’re perfect when you’re on the go. Check out the Camsports cameras, for example, which are only 78mm and 49g.

2) What image quality do you want?

This question is important because depending on your activity, you might not need to film in full quality HD.

You can choose from three different types of quality:

DVD Quality: gives you standard, light resolution, perfect for people with an old computer or those who aren’t technophiles.

Full HD Quality 1080p: It’s the best of the best with regards to image quality.  An exceptional colour rendering crisp detail even on a huge HD TV…However, you’ll need a computer with a powerful processor and a large RAM memory for running this type of video.  Editing a video in full HD takes up a lot of resources and memory…

– HD Quality 720p: It’s slap bang between the other two:  inferior to full HD but better than DVD quality.  The advantage of the HD 720p quality is that it generally allows you to film with the widest angle!

Of course, the price of cameras will increase along with their level of quality and definition.

3) What additional functions do you need?

To fully capture all your sporting exploits, try to identify the different functions that you might need:

– Water resistance for underwater settings

– GPS, to know your altitude, speed or route

– Slow Motion, for great slow motion shots

– Remote control, to trigger your videos from a distance

– LCD, to frame and watch over your videos

– Photos and continuous photos

– A zoom, to play around with angles for shooting pictures

More: Sharing videos

Your day spent skiing or snowboarding on the slopes comes to an end and you’re eager to project your sporting achievements of the day onto the TV!  Thanks to certain models equipped with Wifi, sending your videos to your HD television or smartphone and sharing them on social networking sites becomes a breeze…

Wifi also allows you to control your camera from a distance via a remote control or your smartphone, ideal for placing it in an isolated spot and getting a video from a fresh perspective.

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