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Intimate hygiene

Top Intimate hygiene Brands

  • Durex
  • Tampax
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Intimate hygiene

Intimate hygiene is an important part of any adult or adolescents life. It is important for adolescents to know that they can come and talk to somebody about intimate hygiene and safe sex as well as the different types of protection that are on the market for them to use. Condoms are the firts and foremost method of contraception as they are the most effective for birth control as well as preventing the contraction of STD’s. As most people use condoms as the first method of contraception, closely followed by the pill, there is a great variety of shapes and sizes out there for men with latex condoms being the most popular as they have only a 2% chance of breakage. Another aspect of intimate hygiene, which is on the other end of the scale from contraception, is bladder control. Both men and women can suffer from incontinence at any stage of their lives. For women it is most common after giving birth and for men, often nerve problems, treatment for prostate cancer and prostate enlargement can all cause bladder problems. But luckily there are products to reduce the hassle and quite often embarrassment of bladder problems and Twenga can help you find the best prices for all intimate hygiene products by searching the web.

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  • CondomsCondoms
    • Brands:
      • Durex
      • Pasante
    • Type:
      • Easy-on
      • Flavoured
      • Latex
      • Lubricated
      • Textured
      • Transparent
  • Pregnancy testPregnancy test
    • Digital
    • Urine
  • TamponsTampons
    • Brands:
      • Natracare
      • Tampax
  • Ovulation testOvulation test
    • Digital
  • Menstrual cupMenstrual cup
    • Mooncup
  • Personal lubricantPersonal lubricant
    • Durex
  • Panty linersPanty liners
    • Breathable
  • Feminine wipesFeminine wipes