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Hallway and entrance furniture

Top Hallway and entrance furniture Brands

  • Helix
  • Umbra
  • Alba
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Hallway and entrance furniture

The hallway to your house is the first part you see when you come in through the front door – so if it is cleverly furnished, well-lit and nicely decorated, it’s sure to make you and your visitors feel welcome as soon as you turn the key in the lock. Hallway and entrance furniture can be practical as well as decorative – a small table, perhaps in oak or mahogany, can be a really useful place to put keys or letters as you come in, whilst a coat rack is obviously useful for keeping coats and jackets out of the way and easily available when you’re in a rush to get to work! Shoes are an item which can create a messy environment if they are not put away properly, so consider investing in a shoe rack to keep trainers and boots out of the way (and less of a trip hazard!). Brands in this area include Alessi, Helix and Kartell.

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