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Gothic fashion

Gothic fashion

Many of you may have a gothic side to your fashion sense, whether you like to dress fully gothic or keep your look understated with just a hint of rock. Whichever way you decide to go, think about the look you are trying to achieve before you hit the shops. Have a look through magazines or on the internet to get an idea of the style you are looking for. It is important not to go for it all at once, otherwise you might risk looking fake.

There is no single 'look' when it comes to gothic fashion; the style varies from leather clothes, spiked collars and heavy boots to lace skirts and velvet jackets. When people think of ‘goths’, they often think coloured hair and lots and lots of black, but this is not always the case. It depends on your individual style - you don't have to put streaks of colour through your hair if it's not for you. You can still have a gothic sense of fashion while sticking to your natural hair colour.

There are a few key pieces to gothic style that are found in many goths' wardrobes such as corsets, various belts and accessories and of course band t-shirts. Find a t-shirt of your favourite band, wear it loose and off the shoulder, team it with a pair of boots, tights and a lace puffy skirt and you will have achieved an understated yet gothic image. For all types of gothic clothes, shoes and accessories let Twenga help you out. We will do a search of the net to bring you the lowest online prices.

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