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Top Fishkeeping Brands

  • Fluval
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Fishkeeping as a hobby can be extremely rewarding, and the correct equipment and products help to make it even more satisfying.

Aquariums need to be adequately sized and suitable for the fish they hold, and pumps and aerators need to be used to keep the fish oxygenated. Care of the fish and the water they inhabit is important, so anti-algae products and filters also need to be used to keep the water clean and the fish healthy.

Some companies such as Askoll provide media equipment that performs the function of pumping, filtering and oxygenating the water in one convenient kit. Others, such as Tetra, focus on food, nutrients and water maintenance. Another part of the enjoyment of this hobby is making the aquarium a feature with lighting and effects by leading brands such as Interpet. These draw attention towards the tank and make it a focal point of the home.

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