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First aid

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  • Omron
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First aid

All workplaces, schools and homes should now make First Aid readily available to those it is responsible for. Ideally there should be a full first aid kit in every bathroom across the country but that is not always the case which is shocking considering how easy a basic first aid kit is to assemble. The standard, commercially available travel first aid kit includes, but is not limited to, bandages, pain relief, protective gloves, gauze and disinfectant or antiseptics and is intended for the treatment of minor injuries only. Some of the more comprehensive kits include an eye bath and sometimes sterile needles and syringes, whilst the larger and usually more official first aid kits can include a defibrillator and nebulizer but these are not common. Extra equipment such as knee supports or stretchers are not usually included in first aid kits though they can be bought separately to add to your home kit. Twenga recommends that you take safety very seriously and that you ensure your home and workplace are well stocked in the health and safety stakes, this does not mean you need to spend a lot of money, we find the best prices on the internet to save you money so you can protect yourself and those around you as well as your bank balance.

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