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DJ equipment

Top DJ equipment Brands

  • Behringer
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DJ equipment

Whether you are an amateur at school discos or a professional in Ibiza, any DJ knows that he is nothing without his equipment. It is imperative to make sure that you have everything you need, if for no other reason than to be certain that you are the best you can be at your art. It is no longer enough these days to have a set of decks on the desk in your room to be considered a DJ. You need a solid set of speakers with excellent bass, oversized headphones with the right audio jack, huge amounts of cabling and extension leads, mixers, flight cases and of course the vinyl records.

Despite the digital revolution and the increasingly popular idea of hooking up a laptop in order to DJ, there are many who have stayed true to tradition and still prefer the old school way of doing things, who still own and buy vinyl records. There is much to be said for and against this - the nostalgia for vinyl records and their novelty is combined with drawbacks such as sound quality issues and having a limited library of music. Twenga can help you save money. Whether you’re a vinyl player or a vinyl hater, we search the internet to find you the cheapest prices on all DJ equipment.

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  • TurntablesTurntables
    • Colour:
      • Black
      • Wood
    • Features:
      • 3 speed
      • USB
    • Vinyl / CD / MP3:
      • MP3
      • Vinyl
  • DJ mixerDJ mixer
    • USB
    • Products:
      • Soundcraft EPM12
      • Soundcraft EPM6
      • Soundcraft EPM8
  • Audio mixerAudio mixer
    • Products:
      • Behringer Xenyx 502
      • Soundcraft EFX12
      • Soundcraft EFX8
  • Vinyl recordsVinyl records
    • Blue
  • Disco equipmentDisco equipment
    • DJ bagDJ bag
      • DJ controllerDJ controller
        • DJ standDJ stand