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The bicycle was first introduced in the 19th Century by a German man named Baron Karl von Drais, he is seen as creating the forerunner of the modern bicycle in the dandy horse which consisted of two inline wheels on a wooden frame which the rider sat on as he pedalled and steered the front wheel. Bicycles now number about a billion worldwide. Cycling is an efficient mode of transport, particularly in built up areas and it is believed that this was the bicycle’s first use, as a mode of transportation. But of course, soon after the mass production of bicycles began, people began to develop other means of using the piece of equipment, namely for leisure and sport.
Bikes are of course still used for practical purposes. They are used as modes of transport and are especially suited to shorter distances. Many people commute to work on a bicycle for the environmental benefits as well as the health benefits of the rider. Cycling is a recreational hobby with cycling clubs organizing tours and rides in large groups. It is also a popular Sunday afternoon family event, a cycle ride through the local park. Mountain biking was introduced in the 70s and is an off-road form of cycling on specifically tailored bikes, usually sporting a heftier suspension and mud flaps. Bike racing is a popular sport in Europe, it features in the Olympics and the famous Tour de France which started in the 1930s continues to garner large interest each year. We bring you the cheapest deals on the internet to help you save money.

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