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  • Asics
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Cricket is one of the Great British pastimes. It is a sport that is often described as quintessentially English and, indeed, it is believed that it was created there in the early 16th Century. It is officially mentioned for the first time that something called ‘creckett’ was played on common land in Guildford in a court case of 1598. It is often thought to have been a children’s game originally but references made in 1610 indicate that adults had already started participating in the game. These days the game is played throughout schools and as a professional sport with famous international series like the Ashes drawing large crowds and enormous TV and press coverage.

Cricket is played with a bat and a ball between two teams of 11 players, one team bats and attempts to score as many runs as possible (a run is quite literally scored when the player runs from his crease to the other without being declared out) while the fielding team do their best to prevent runs being scored, the two teams swap at the end of a predetermined number of overs. The lengths of matches change depending on the type of cricket being played. Test Cricket for example, has different rules on length of play to a limited overs match. Whatever level of cricket you play, you will find all the equipment you need for less when you search with Twenga. We will bring you only the best deals available online.

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