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Combat sports

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Combat sports

Combat sports are practiced throughout the world in various different cultures and countries and each one requires a vastly different set of skills and vastly different equipment. The most common combat sport in western civilization is boxing in which opponents need a pair of gloves, shorts, and boxing shoes. Similar to this is wrestling, but usually with no gloves, just the contenders’ own strength and moves. A lesser known combat sport that is slowly becoming more popular in the UK is Muay Thai or Thai boxing. It looks very similar to boxing but has an entirely different set of rules and techniques. Most combat sports have similar clothing, usually a pair of shoes with good support and a pair of loose shorts, except fencing which requires a full jacket and mask for protection from the opponent’s weapon. Most can be practiced with punch bags or heavy padding and require the participants to wear a protective mouth guard. Combat sports may well each have their own rules and cultures but the aim of the equipment is the same and that is to protect the players. Whatever your sport of choice is, you will find all the equipment you need at good prices online through Twenga. We find you the cheapest deals available to help you save money.

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