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Collectable figurines

Top Collectable figurines Brands

  • Disney
  • Lego
  • Mattel
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Collectable figurines

Collectable figurines are figures representative of various human or animal forms. They may be made out of any material, but china and porcelain are the most common. Some figures may be made out of wood, crystal or steel.

Quite often figurines are an expression of ethnic or national crafts, for instance wooden troll figurines can be found in Scandinavia, representing folklore, similar to Leprechaun figurines from Ireland.

The collectable nature of figurines means that they have great value to hobbyists as complete sets. Swarovski crystal figurines come in groups that are collectable, like Disney characters or complete sets of cat figurines.

Antique figurine sets can often be quite valuable. Figurines called 'Hummels' based on the drawings of Sister Mary Innocentia Hummel, and made by the W Goebel porcelain factory are very valuable in collectable sets, with rare figures or those missing from sets fetching high prices.

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