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Cables and adaptors

Top Cables and adaptors Brands

  • Apple
  • Hewlett-Packard
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Cables and adaptors

Choosing the best computer and home entertainment components is important, but getting the right connections between them is also crucial. With names like HDMI, VGA, RGB, DVI and SCART, dealing with cables and adaptors can be an alphabet soup. Add in proprietary connectors, like Apple’s Mini DisplayPort, and setting up a video or audio system can get very confusing.

Checking images of available adaptors and cables allows you to compare them with the ports on your computer, television, home cinema or other device and make sure that you choose the correct connection. Satellite and coaxial couplers and splitters for aerial or antenna connections are also available, as are audio links, such as BNC-RCA adaptors. A variety of cables and male or female adaptors is available from reputable brands like Sony and Belkin, so the quality of your devices need never be let down by the standard of your connections.

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