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Top Bodycare Brands

  • Braun
  • Philips
  • Veet
  • Clarins
  • Weleda
  • Estee Lauder
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Body care is often seen to be just for the ladies but with a recent wave of metrosexuality sweeping the UK, more and more men are taking care of themselves and buying all sorts of lotions and potions to keep themselves looking gorgeous, some of them even own hand cream. This is not to negate the fact that body care is a largely female market, it is the girls who have to really worry about hair removal, it is the girls who are expected to be all soft and so need to moisturize, and it is certainly the girls who tend to occupy themselves with facewash and a daily skin care routine. There is such a huge variety of products on the market that it can all get a bit overwhelming. Do you go for mineral enriched? What are the benfits of tea tree oil again? Do you need to buy the sensitive wax strips? Is facewash for oily skin really better for me? Although Twenga can’t bust any beauty myths, we can help you find what you’re after at lower prices than you would find on the high street, we search the internet and bring you the cheapest prices available so that you can focus on pampering yourself not on your overdraft.

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  • Alum stoneAlum stone
    • Anti-ageing hand creamAnti-ageing hand cream
      • Anti-perspirant deodorantAnti-perspirant deodorant
        • Anti-perspirantAnti-perspirant
          • Athlete's foot creamAthlete's foot cream
            • Ball of foot cushionBall of foot cushion
              • Bath and shower gelBath and shower gel
                • Bath bombBath bomb

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                  • Alum stone
                  • Anti-ageing hand cream
                  • Anti-perspirant
                  • Anti-perspirant deodorant
                  • Athlete's foot cream
                  • Ball of foot cushion
                  • Bath and shower gel
                  • Bath brush
                  • Bath milk
                  • Body balm