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Board games

Top Board games Brands

  • Lexibook
  • Tomy
  • Hasbro
  • Mattel
  • Disney
  • Umbra
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Board games

As well as manufacturing old favourites such as Scrabble, Chess and Ludo, premium game makers like Hasbro and Mattel are always inventing new, exciting board games which appeal to gamers of all ages. A branch of board based play which has grown enormously in the past few years is Role Playing Games (RPG), notably Arkham Horror, World of Warcraft or Dungeon Twister. These strategy games often have a fantasy theme and involve battles, quests and epic deeds. They are particularly popular with teenagers and young adults.

Grown-ups will be delighted to see that many games which were previously played with a pencil and paper, such as Hangman, Beetle and Battleships have now been developed as electronic games or in a reusable format. As well as these entertaining pastimes, classic board games including backgammon or draughts (also known as checkers) are now available in several different formats, increasing the appeal of this timeless entertainment.

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