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Bird supplies

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  • Ferplast
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Bird supplies

Whether you own birds as pets or simply care for the birds in the back garden, you will know that they are not particularly demanding but that they do require quite specific food and care. Unlike dogs and cats with a bowl on the floor and a lead by the door, birds must be caged (if indoor pets) and carefully monitored, fed, watered, cleaned and exercised if they are to lead fulfilled lives. You will need a cage and all the relevant accessories, a seed feeder (and food), a waterer and maybe even a swing or bird playground as well as bird friendly toys and cleaning products. If you’re looking out for the birds in the garden, you’ve got a far simpler life, no cleaning out cages for a start. You may wish to invest in a bird house to offer winter shelter and certainly a bird feeder but beyond that, unless you opt for an old fashioned bird bath, there really isn’t much more to it, you can simply sit back and watch your garden become a haven of beautiful creatures. However you keep birds, be sure to search with Twenga to save money on all your necessary accessories and seed, we search the internet on your behalf and find you the cheapest prices online.

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  • Bird feedersBird feeders
    • Gardman
    • Colour:
      • Blue
      • Red
      • White
    • Material:
      • Metal
      • Plastic
      • Stainless Steel
      • Steel
  • Bird foodBird food
    • Versele Laga
    • Species:
      • Canary
      • Parakeet
      • Parrot
  • Chicken coopChicken coop
    • Wood
  • Bird cage standBird cage stand
    • Bird cakeBird cake
      • Bird housesBird houses
        • Bird PerchBird Perch
          • Bird toyBird toy