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Top Badminton Brands

  • Yonex
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Badminton is a racquet sport played either by two opposing players or in teams of two (defined as either singles or doubles). Each team or player occupies one half of a court divided by a net and they hit a shuttlecock back and forth. The shuttlecock can only be hit once on each side of the net and a point is scored when it hits the floor. Badminton looks quite easy to play and although the rules are simple enough, the sport requires high fitness levels and enduring stamina. It is very fast paced and will really develop the player’s hand-eye coordination as well as their reactions and wrist strength (since a lot of play involves ‘flicking’ the racquet with your wrist) as well as muscle tone in the leg (as the game is so fast paced and takes place is such a small court that players send a lot of their time up on the balls of their feet). As well as certain skills, badminton also requires quite specific equipment. The net is higher than a tennis net, the racquets have a longer neck and smaller face. This kit can add up but by searching through Twenga you will find the cheapest prices online. You can stop worrying about money and start worrying about your technique.

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  • Badminton racketBadminton racket
    • Colour:
      • Blue
      • Red
    • Yonex Muscle Power 3
  • Badminton netBadminton net
    • Standard
  • Badminton net postBadminton net post
    • Badminton racket bagBadminton racket bag
      • Badminton setBadminton set
        • Badminton shoesBadminton shoes
          • Badminton shuttlecockBadminton shuttlecock