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Audio cables and adaptors

Top Audio cables and adaptors Brands

  • Neutrik
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Audio cables and adaptors

In this technology driven age, there are thousands of different types of cable available - those that hook your laptop screen to the TV, those that play your laptop through the TV speakers, those that attach your iPod to speakers, printers to computers, cameras to printers and of course everything to the mains electricity for charging up. The problem is that cables often have complex names like RCA or LXR or MIDI. It is fairly clear what an audio splitter does, but beyond that the names are a bit of a struggle to decipher for the non-technologically minded amongst us. The one good thing to come out of this jumble of cables is that there really is a cable out there for just about any function. Now, thanks to Twenga, you can save money when you buy these cables online. We search the internet for you and bring you back only the lowest prices on the goods you’re after so you might get confused but you certainly won’t get robbed.

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  • Jack cablesJack cables
    • Products:
      • Neutrik NL4FRX
      • Neutrik nl4mmx
      • Pdp Afterglow
  • Speaker cableSpeaker cable
    • OFC
  • XLR connectorXLR connector
    • Neutrik
    • Neutrik NC3FX
  • XLR cableXLR cable
    • Neutrik
  • Jack plugJack plug
    • Neutrik
  • Speakon connectorSpeakon connector
    • Neutrik
  • Jack socketJack socket
    • Neutrik
  • Audio adaptersAudio adapters