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Athletics and running

Top Athletics and running Brands

  • Nike
  • Asics
  • Adidas
  • Salomon
  • New Balance
  • Mizuno
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Athletics and running

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise nowadays for men and women of all ages trying to keep fit and healthy. Many also see it as a means to lose weight or tone up. The problem with running is that it just isn’t as easy as it looks. There’s a genuine technique to it to ensure that your body gets the most out of it and, without knowing these basics, we risk doing our bodies more harm than good. For example, you should strive to run off the balls of your feet and the heel should never touch the ground with the knee slightly bent on contact with the ground. Hips and waist should remain steady with little side to side movement and you should not bend at the waist but maintain a straight back which will help you look ahead and not down at the floor. All of this is rather a lot to remember when you’re running along, never mind if running is part of an athletic sport for you - the run up to throw the javelin is treacherous enough without distracting yourself with how you’re running. The basis of good running is most certainly in the shoes. Some people prefer barefoot running (in shoes specially designed to simulate running barefoot) whilst others prefer a standard running shoe to protect the foot and provide cushioning for the heel. Whatever style of trainer or sneaker you prefer, Twenga can help you find it for less than on the high street by searching the web for you.

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